Barton Community College FOUNDATION Scholarship Application

"The Barton Community College Foundation exists to raise private sector funds by providing leadership and to prudently manage gifts to benefit educational opportunities and initiatives of the College."

As part of our mission, the Foundation provides and funds a large number of scholarships to first-time or non-traditional students attending Barton Community College for educational opportunities or training. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we have endowments and annually funded scholarships with a wide variety of criteria to assist with your financial obligations of attending college. If you have questions, please call the Foundation office at (620) 792-9306.

Submitting a scholarship application does not guarantee a scholarship award.
There is no deadline date, but applications recieved by June 1, will be given first preference.


What academic year (August-July) are you applying for:* Fall (Aug-Dec) Spring (Jan-May) Year 20 /

Last Name:* First Name:* Middle Inital: Maiden Name:

Address:* City:* State:* Zip:*

Contact Phone Number: Email:

Facebook Address : Twitter Handle:

Date of Birth:* Sex:* Male Female Barton ID or SSN:*

Race:* (Race and citizenship information used for matching scholarship criteria purposes only.)
American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian Black or African American Hispanic or Latino
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander White

Are you a Kansas resident? Yes No Legal county of residence:* U.S. Citizen: Yes No

Name of High School you attended:* Diploma GED Year Received:*

Current GPA, if available: Program of Study:*

Are you a member of a Barton athletic team?* Yes No If yes, what Sport:

Are you receiving a Barton athletic scholarship? Yes No

Number of college hours completed: Will you be* Full-Time (12 hours or more) or Part-Time

Number of members in household:* Number of Dependents in household:*

What is your gross annual household income:* Marital Status:* Single Married

Are you receiving any Federal financial aid? Yes No

Are you a dependent of a Barton Alumni? Yes No If yes, name of alumni?

Please give a short description of why you are applying for scholarship assistance and what your career goals are.
I am applying for a scholarship because: *

If I am awarded a Foundation scholarship, I understand the Foundation office may publish information regarding my award. (If you choose, you may send an electronic version of your photograph to  We must receive written notification from you if you do not want this information shared.

Name of local newspaper:

* I certify to the best of my knowledge, the information on this form is correct and complete. By checking this box, you have created an electronic signature as legally binding as your handwritten signature.

Public Law 93-380 denies the College the right to release scholarship information without your written permission.


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